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These are some clients that invested in coaching and here’s what have to say about their experience working with me (and the results they achieved!)


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“I loved working with Clare. She’s helped me from the very beginning with a range of things from my confidence to legalities around hiring and contracting staff. It’s rare to find the right balance but Clare had the corporate knowledge AND the first-hand experience in her own business to really drive growth and kick me up the but when I needed it. Will definitely be seeing Clare again in the next phase of my business”

Storm-Manea Ellyatt- Founder

business coach

“Clare was an invaluable addition to my business and I cannot imagine having launched it without her. She is extremely approachable and friendly and totally genuine! She taught me incredibly helpful methods to run my business, to set goals and to achieve them. I love that she was both encouraging and constructive and I absolutely recommend her to anyone who is (or isn’t) considering a business coach.”

Sarah Pretorius – Owner

business coach

“I have been trying to get this little art business more profitable for years now, struggling every year with the overwhelm, too much to do, never getting the important things one, working til all hours of the night and weekend. I was always really nervous about taking on a business coach, mostly because cash was always really tight and I couldn’t see how I could afford one. I thought I could do it all myself with the things I learned online but after so many years of trying and getting nowhere, I finally decided that I couldn’t afford not to.

With Clare’s help and guidance I have put in place the simplest things that are SO different from what I have always been doing, and finally I have gotten out of overwhelm. I’ve stopped micro-managing staff and they are now blossoming and becoming terrific assets to the business. I’m no longer bombarded with a hundred questions form staff each day, so I can get my own real work done during normal work hours.

I know what I’m planning to do each week, and I know what I’m doing is the important stuff, and the other stuff can just wait, so I no longer worry about them. All the stress around cashflow is gone because I know what’s happening with the cashflow weeks in advance and I’m now able to plan ahead so bills are paid on time.

The stress levels have dropped hugely (even though I am still working hard and passionately on my business) and I have weekends off. Hubby and I are now a lot happier too.

I’m working on the Big Picture Plan for the business with Clare and things are really looking rosy for the future. Clare’s experience with corporate HR and accounting bring a great no-nonsense approach and without her looking in with fresh eyes and cheer leading me on, I would never have achieved so much.

Thank you Clare.”

Jacqui- Owner

business coach clare wood

“The aspects of Clare that I’ve particularly enjoyed working with:

  • She is really friendly and super approachable
  • She is very open about discussions
  • It is rare to find someone who is solutions focussed but also friendly, Clare treads that line really well
  • She is very realistic about what is achievable (she isn’t pushy), although she is still focussed on working towards outcomes
  • She is understanding and good at following the pace of what I need
  • Filling my own knowledge gaps, she knows the “business side” of things and when she goes over things they make perfect sense

The outcomes I have achieved for my business:

  • Clarity
  • More productive/ directed time
  • More direction & confidence”

Amy Kate- Director

business coach clare wood

“Clare’s enthusiasm and guidance has been instrumental to the success of my small business. Clare is pragmatic, strategic and practical in her approach, offering sound, impartial advice that helps me navigate business challenges. She brings real-world corporate big picture expertise and thinking and applies it to small business in a way that is thoroughly practical and easy to implement. She is a true numbers whiz, but makes them simple to implement. Plus, she is genuinely kind, caring and is passionate about helping you grow – and giving you gentle nudges in the right direction. She brings focus to each discussion, and I leave every interaction with Clare feeling empowered. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Brooke – Director


business coach

“Clare was the angel my business had been waiting for! In one session I came away with so many actionable points and ideas, and a clear plan for the year ahead. Clare is thorough in her approach, and the experience she brings in developing business, product and marketing strategy has given me much more clarity and direction. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Robyn  Jones – Owner

business coach clare wood

“I have a brand new business, and working with Clare has been really, really valuable for me.  She has given me insight into how to manage my time as a busy working mum, she has helped me to consider my financial planning for my business, also to look at marketing strategies. I couldn’t recommend Clare highly enough- she has a really great, friendly, approachable personality not to mention all of the business expertise that I have managed to learn a lot from”

Tracy – Director

business coach qld

“My coaching sessions with Clare have been invaluable since making the decision to start my own business. Her expertise in navigating the world of small business from establishing a vision to developing a marketing strategy have ensured that my business is off to a flying start. Clare’s genuine interest in helping me to succeed combined with her encouraging coaching style has given me the confidence to realise my business goals knowing I can call on her at any time for support and advice. I would recommend Clare to anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge into self-employment and needs some support getting started.”

Cath- Business Owner psychology services

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