So many small business owners proudly announce 5 figure, or 6 figure or 7 figure SALES results, but very few (if any!) mention their profit number…

What does it matter, you might ask? Well, I have coached clients who have made several hundred thousand dollars a year, and even over A MILLION dollars a year who still aren’t making sizeable profits (if any profit at all!). 

Even though a sales number SOUNDS sexy, ultimately PROFIT is the dollars in the bank.

When it comes to making more profit in your business are you:

Feeling that your bank account doesn’t reflect all your hard work?

Unsure exactly HOW to market your business and what strategies to use?

Trying to find your dream clients who pay you the $$ you deserve?

Overwhelmed by your financials and unsure about how to change your true profit?


If the answer to any of the above is YES, you don’t want to miss this free 3-day training!

Kicking off Tuesday 18th Feb through to Thursday 20th Feb, I am inviting you to join me in learning the tools to Grow your Profit in 3 days supported each step of the way by me!



The proven system – the ONE formula you need for creating more cash in your bank account.


The 3 things you need to do to get your dream clients lining up to work with you.


The one mistake most business owners make when analysing their financials and how you can avoid it.

I am on a mission to teach business owners how to create MORE profit in their businesses by mastering their Marketing and learning how to Manage their Money which is why I would LOVE for you to join in this FREE 3-day training.

What have some of the previous Makers said?

“I’m so pleased to say I gained clarity x one billion, enabling me to confidently introduce change to many elements of my biz. I have a whole  new perspective on my numbers (yes, they actually excite me now). Better still, I’ve got a really good grasp on the actions I need to take to achieve my goals and keep  on loving my biz.

-Amy Fennell, MOMO Copywriting

“After looking at my numbers (something I now feel confident doing!) I increased my Net Profit by a whooping 75% in just a few months. Amazing!

-Lauren Rogers, Lauren Rogers Design

Who is Clare Wood?

I’m a numbers geek  (a CPA – or qualified accountant!), a travel lover, and a reality TV addict and my passion is helping service-based entrepreneurs to achieve more profit in their businesses through uplevelling their marketing and better managing their money.

I would love you to join me to learn the tools to Grow Your Profit in 3 days supported each step of the way by me!


clare wood


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