Are you a service-based small business owner?

Are you ready to up-level your marketing SO THAT you can make more money?

Are you ready to stop pretending your financials don’t exist, and get across your numbers so you maximise the profit you are making in your business?

A successful business is possible.

If only you could get out of the overwhelmed, state of panic to having a clear plan of how to get there…

How would it feel knowing that you can afford to pay yourself each week and budget your personal expenses so you aren’t eating tinned spaghetti during the slow times?

What would it be like to have money put aside for tax so you don’t panic when your tax bill hits?

To have a plan to be growing your income with direction and clarity?

Introducing the Money & Marketing Makers


Over 3 months, you will be given clear, step-by-step weekly actions to improve the exposure of your business to your ideal clients AND learn to know and love your numbers so you can grow them!

You will have weekly group calls with an experienced business coach (ME – Clare Wood!) where you can ask any questions to fast track you towards your big business goals.

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Let me guess… Your journey looks something like this:


  • You have found your passion and started your business.
  • You have got a few sales and started to grow… then you stagnated.
  • You’re really ‘busy’ but you feel like everything is out of control and you aren’t really sure where you are heading.


It’s not that you are bad at business, it’s just that you haven’t had the tools to set yourself up for success!

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars hiring every expert under the sun BUT you do need to map out your plan for success with someone who knows what they are doing!


Working ON your business isn’t rocket science but it can mean the difference between success and failure in your business!


Did you know, that statistically speaking, your business is most likely to fail due to poor cash flow. When was the last time you ran your numbers?

That’s why you’ll LOVE Marketing and Money Makers…


I take all of the guesswork out of the process, provide you with clear templates, lessons and activities so that you know exactly how to move forward in different areas of your business so you can have a really clear plan of WHERE you are heading!


This is for smart and sophisticated business owners in service-based businesses like you who are very good at what they do, have big goals and need a plan to get there.




Weekly practical actionable lesson to uplevel your business week by week. We will cover different topics every week, with a focus on marketing and financials. No matter where you are on your business journey, I know you will find the lessons hugely valuable. I have worked with many small businesses over the past few years and I know what the challenges are!


A live group call for an hour every week with Clare Wood to elaborate on the lesson for the week. We may also call in expert specialists to talk on particular topics in these calls.  In these sessions, you can ask any questions specific to your business and have them answered on the spot. 


Access to my trusted team of experts who will join coaching calls to ensure that you are continually getting the best advice across a range of business topics from industry leaders.


An exclusive Facebook community for members.


Access to the exact templates and frameworks I use with my premium coaching clients that pay over $20k a year to work with me.

What if I had a proven framework to create all the foundations you need to set your business up for success?

Well check this out!

This is Sarah from Carlyle The Label and her story around business and strategy planning with Clare Wood!

Hello  my  name  is  Sarah  and  I  have  a  clothing  label  Carlyle The Label.  I  engaged  Clare  to  do  one  month  of  business  coaching  with  me. 

It  was  the  best  decision  that  I  could  have  made.

We  did  business  planning, marketing  strategies,  budget  planning –  all  things  that  I  actually  wouldn’t  have  gotten  around  to  doing  properly  and  I  really am  so  grateful.  Clare is  super  friendly  and  approachable and  she  is  realistic  in  the  way  that  she  helps  you  to  set  your  goals. 

I think  that  no  matter  where  you  are  in your  business,  Clare  will  take  you  to  that  next  level.


What would be possible in your business if you had an endless stream of clients, wanting to work with you? 

So many businesses are amazing at the particular service they offer, but are terrible at marketing their business. It is such a shame to see incredible businesses not achieving their goals because they don’t have a clear plan around how to market their businesses effectively.

If you want to grow your followers, increase your exposure and get more sales, then identifying your ideal client is essential, yet something SO many business owners get wrong!  After all, how can you create a marketing strategy if you’re not even sure exactly who you are targeting? 

Every time I undertake this exercise with clients there are SO many A-HA moments- where things click into place!  I have clients that I have worked with for years, and we continually refer back to the Ideal Client document.

In the program we are going to cover:

  • 5 different ways you can find your dream clients so that you can turn them into followers and fans
  • A plan of how you can then build trust and connection with potential clients
  • How you can take this trust and connection and have customers queuing up to work with you
  • Converting this interest into a paying client
  • How to get these clients to be raving fans who continue to purchase from you time and time again

You’ll develop:

  • A crystal clear definition of who you are selling to- your perfect customers so that you work with people that you LOVE to work with
  • An understanding of their thoughts, feelings, habits and drivers so you can truly connect with them and get more sales
  • Inspiration for your marketing strategy including months of ideas for content and social media

Now is the time to step up and set yourself up for success.


clare wood


SAVE $50 if you pay upfront!

Per month for 3 months


There are no guarantees of results, however I have used these strategies in hundreds of coaching sessions and have achieved great results for my clients (check out my Success Stories page!). 

To get the most out of this program, I strongly encourage you to attend all the calls and do the activities each week.  Your success depends on what YOU put in!

It will start Thursday 31st October 2019 and run to early February. 

We’ll be taking a 2 week break over Christmas and these weeks will be added at the end of the program.

The time will be confirmed, but will likely be on a Thursday during business hours AEDT. 

If you are unable to make the calls live, you will have access to all recordings in the Facebook group.

You will get the most out of Makers by attending all calls so you can ask questions live, but you will have the opportunity to send through your questions before the call each week so even if you can’t attend live, you won’t miss out.

You will also have the opportunity to send through questions in advance and they will be answered in the call and you will be able to view all videos if you are unable to attend live.

There will be plenty of time to ask questions in group calls. If for some reason we can’t get through all the questions in a call, they will be answered first in the call the following week. 

Email any questions to makers(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

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