Why mums should run their own business!

Money doesn’t grow on trees! And unless you were lucky enough to fall in love with a millionaire, most women these days need to be generating an income to live in this expensive world… especially after mortgage or rent, bills, nappies, school fees, wine for mummy…
If you’ve wondered, but can I make a decent salary running a business part time? The answer is yes!
Many mumpreneurs (or mothers who are running a business) have become hugely successful. Don’t believe me? Jump online and join some social networks, and you will be inspired by many women who juggle motherhood and a successful business.
One of the things that terrified me about returning to the corporate world after having my son was how I could possibly juggle a career and have the flexibility of being a ‘present’ mum in my son’s life? Running my own business doesn’t necessarily mean I work less hours, however it does mean that I can choose the hours that I work! That means that I can go along for that doctor’s appointment or music class with him… but I might have to miss Masterchef that night to work on my website!
Some women after children choose not to go back to work either straight away or at all. Other women (like myself!) start getting a bit stir crazy at some stage after their babies. I was seeking more challenges from pretty early on, and started poking around in my husband’s business… I am sure I was driving him nuts “why don’t we try this?”
Once I started my own business, I felt so excited to be learning and challenging myself again. I absolutely love being a mummy, but I also love being my own boss.

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